NHRC Board

The activities of NHRC are governed by the Nepal Health Research Council Act 1991, and guided by the NHRC executive board. The board of directors is composed of thirteen members including nominations from the Government of Nepal and institutional representations. The Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Member Secretary, and five members are nominated by the Government of Nepal. The nominated members are senior-level scientists from health and related fields. The board also contains members representing the National Planning Commission, Ministry of Health and Population, Ministry of Finance, Institute of Medicine and Nepal Medical Council. The NHRC board meets periodically and provides policy and technical guidance for the NHRC. The Member Secretary or the Executive Chief with the advice from the NHRC Board and assistance from technical and administrative staffs of NHRC manages regular affairs.

Prof. Dr. Gehanath BaralChairperson
Prof. Dr. Gaurav Raj DhakalVice-Chairperson
Prof. Dr. Bandana KhanalMember
Dr. Awadhesh TiwariMember
Dr. Ram Adhar YadavMember
Dr. Santosh ShakyaMember
Ministry of FinanceRepresentative Member
National Planning CommissionRepresentative Member
Ministry of Health and PopulationRepresentative Member
Chief, Research Committee, Institute of MedicineMember
Chairperson, Nepal Medical CouncilMember
Dr. Pradip GyanwaliMember-Secretary (Executive-Chief)