The Ethical Review Board (ERB) cannot possibly review and monitor all research being conducted in the country. Thus, the ERB has delegated its power to Institutional Review Committees (IRCs) established at health care facilities, academic institutions and research institutions throughout Nepal.

Every IRC team is multidisciplinary, having at least one female member and one external member not affiliated with the institution. IRCs hold regular meetings and submit semiannual progress reports to the NHRC. The NHRC has developed guidelines for the Institutional Review Committees for health research in Nepal. The guidelines regulate the conduct and define the operating procedures of the IRCs. An IRC is authorized to provide ethics clearance to research proposals from researchers from within the institution associated with a specific IRC, but are not authorized to provide approval to the following research proposals:

  • Research proposed intended for studies at the national or international level
  • Externally sponsored/funded research (the term “externally” indicates not only outside of the country but also outside of the particular health care facility or institution)
  • Clinical trials involving human and/or animal participants



These IRCs are approved by national ERB of NHRC.

SNOrgnizationAddressContact PersonPhoneEmail AddressWeb Address
1Tilganga institute of opthalmolohy (TIO)Gaushala , KathmanduDr.Mohan mohan.shrestha@tilganga.org
2Manmohan Memorial Institute of Health Sciences ( MMIHS)Nakhkhu, Lalitpur Dr. Sujan Babu sujanmarahatta@gmail.com
3Kathmandu Medical College and Teaching Hospital(KMCTH)Sinamangal KathmanduDr. Sunil Kumar
4National Academy of Medical Sciences(NAMS)Bir Hospital , KathmanduDr. Aarati
5Shi-Gan Health foundationNarayangopal ChowkProf.Dr. Shiba Kumar Rai9851040480Not Available
6Institute of Medicine (IOM)Maharajgunj kathmanduProf. Y P Singh dr
7Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences(KUMS)Dhulikhel, Kavre Dr. Rajeev / kusmsirc@dhulikhelhospital.org
8BP Koirala Institute of Health SciencesDharan SunsariDr. Murari Lal Das9842052757mldas29@gmail.com
9National Medical Sciences - Nepal(NMCTH)Birgunj ,Parsa Dr. Pashupati Bhatta9841281810pashupati_bhatt@yahoo.comNot Available
10Nepalgunj Medical College and Teaching Hospital(NMTH)KohalPur,BankeProf. Dr. S.M Mishra081-540409prof_smmishra@yahoo.com
11Stupa Health Care Center Cooperation LTD (SHCC)Boudha, Tusal Prof. Gita Pandey9841070199pandeygita2014@gmail.com
12B & B HospitalGwarkhu, LalitpurMs. Shanti Bajracharya9851008429sbajracharya.wcet2011@gmail.com
13Universal College of Medical SciencesBhairahawaMs. Rita Khanal9841977375ritakhanal@gmail.comNot Available
14Public Health Concern Trust (phect-NEPAL)Pradarsanimarg KathmanduDr. Ganesh Dangal9851055036ganesh.dangal@gmail.com
15KIST Medical Collge,Gwarkhu, LalitpurDr. Suraj drsurajbajra@gmail.com
16Chitwan School of Medical Science Pvt LTDChitwanProf. Dr. Muniraj Chhetri9851066103munichhetri@gmail.comNot Available
17Kanti Children HospitalMaharajgunj kathmanduDr. Ram Hari
18Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences, Sano Bharangang KathamanduSano Bharangang KathamanduProf. Dr. Lochana
19Manipal Medical College of Medical SciencesPokhara ,NepalDr. VM Alurkar9846053316/
20Nobel Medical College Teaching Hospital ( P) LTDBiratnagarDr. Sanzida
21Shahid Gangalal National Heart CentreBansbari, KathmanduDr Deewakar Sharma9851066033deewakarsharma71@gmail.com
22Nobel CollegeSinamangal, KathmanduAnil Khadka9843059621cool_anil19@yahoo.comNot Available
23Lumbini Medical College and Teaching Hospital(P) LTDParvas, Palpa Prof. SK Jain Chairman,Dr. Anup Acharya- Member Secretary 075-411201,411210lmcpalpa@gmail.com
24Kantipur Dental CollegeDhapasi, Ring Road Prof. Praveen Mishra01-4385911praveen.mishra73@yahoo.com
25Pokhara University Research Center, Pokhara University Lekhanath Marg, KaskiProf. Naveen Shrestha Chairperson , 9851119101naveen.shrestha@gmail.com
26Patan Academy of Health Sciences (PAHS)LalitpurDr. Jay N Available
27Nepal Medical CollegeJorpati, KathmanduProf. Dr. Shiba Kumar Rai9851040480nmcrc@nmcth.eduNot Available
28Paropakar Maternity and Women's HospitalThapathali, KathmanduDr. Karishma Malla Vaidya9841449234rupkari@yahoo.comNot Available
29National Institute of Neurological and Allied Sciences Basbari, KathmanduDr. Dinesh Nath Gongal01 4242977vaggongol@yahoo.comNot Available
30Biratnagar Eye HospitalBiratnagar, MorangDr. Rakshya Pant Sitoula9842322600rakshyasitoula@gmail.comNor Available
31National Ayurveda Research and Training CenterKritipur, KathmanduDr. Sarita ShresthaNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
32Nepal Cancer Hospital & Research Center Pvt. Ltd.LalitpurDr. Hari Prasad Dhakal9851232505hari.dhakal119@gmail.com
33Annapurna Neurological Institute & Allied Sciences Maitighar , KathmanduDr. Prabesh Raj Bhandari9841282689praveshrajbhandari@gmail.com
34Devdaha Medical College and Research Institute Pvt. Ltd.Rupandehi Prof. Dr. Prakash Chandra Mahajan9815423020mahajan48@gmail.comNot Avaible
35Birat Medical College & Teaching Hospital Biratnagar, MorangDr. Surya B. Parajuli9841794785ircbmcth@gmail.com
36Scheer Memorial Hospital Medical Institute College of NursingBanepa, KavreDr. Tara Jung Gurung9808478880gurungt@aiias.edu
37Bharatpur HospitalBharatpur, ChitwanDr. Mani Prasad Gautam9851076043manigautam@hotmail.comNot Available
38International Society for Medical Education Pvt.Ltd College of Medical Sciences Teaching HospitalBharatpur, ChitwanDr. Shankar Laudari9845112909lshankar2@gmail.com
39Shree Medical and Technical CollegeChitwanDr. Rajani Shah9845146794rajani_shah89@yahoo.com