S.NTopicPrincipal Investigator 
1Clinical and Epidemiological profile of COVID 19 Patients at a Tertiary Center in Mid Western Nepal:A Retrospective Observational StudyRajesh Kumar Mandal
2Epidemiology and Clinical spectrum and treatment outcome of COVID-19 patients in NepalRoshan Kumar Jha
3Assesment of lung in discharged patients with Severe Covid-19 in NepalNabin Kumar Rauniyar
4Rapid Assessment of COVID-19 Impact on Family Planning Access and Use; Research Design: Prospective, longitudinal study with women who are users of the Viamo 3-2-1 service in Nepal (Quantitative, Repeated cross-sectional) Study Population: Women between tAur?lie Brunie
5“Rapid Auditing of epidemiological data of COVID-19 in Nepal “Meghnath Dhimal
6Stigma and mental health associated with COVID 19 in Nepal: A mixed method study among patients and health care workers affected by COVID-19Bipin Adhikari
8Epidemiology and transmission dynamics of COVID-19: A Prospective Observational Study among COVID -19 Confirmed Cases in Chitwan, NepalDipak Prasad Tiwari
9Rapid Assessment of COVID-19 Related Policy Audit in NepalMadhusudan Subedi
10Understanding health system resilience to respond COVID-19 in federalised context: a case study of health workforce management at sub-national level in NepalSushil Chandra Baral
11A cross sectional study about infection control measures in community pharmacies of Kathmandu valley during COVID-19 outbreakMd. Khurshid Ansari
12Knowledge, Attitude and Practice regarding COVID-19 among Nepalese population 18 years and above: An Online Cross-sectional StudyAastha Singh
13Efficacy of Favipiravir in treatment of mild & moderate COVID-19infection in Nepal: a multi-center, randomized, open-labelled, phase III clinical trialPrabhat Adhikari
14Knowledge, attitude and practice among endodontist of nepal for patient management in Covid 19 arena.Deepa Kunwar
15Organizational, Social and Family Support Among Healthcare Professionals During COVID-19 Pandemic in Kathmandu valley and Chitwan DistrictAbja Sapkota
16Exploring Fear, Stigma and Othering Practices: The Impact of COVID-19 Rumours among the Returnee Migrants and Muslim: A Qualitative Study in Kapilbastu and Banke districts of NepalPramod Raj Regmi
17The gendered experience and roles of close-to-community providers in Fragile and Shock Prone settings: Implications for policy and practice during and post COVID-19Sushil Chandra Baral
18Rapid assessment of COVID-19 testing laboratories in NepalPradip Gyanwali
19Mental health status of COVID-19 positive cases and its associated risk factors in NepalAkina Shrestha
20Critical Analysis of Health Care System in Nepal; Perspectives based on COVID-19.Biraj Karmacharya
21Association between job type and mental health outcomes among municipal level government employees responding COVID-19 in NepalArchana Shrestha
22COVID-19 co-infection amongTB patients in NepalAnuj Bhattachan
23Risk Perceptions and Protective Behaviour related to COVID-19 among Adult Population during Pandemic Situation in Nepal: A Mixed Method StudyChitra Bahadur Budhathoki
24Development of a novel, cheaper, rapid and portable COVID-19 toolbox “CLAMP” for non-invasive self-administered mass screening of humans: Hitting two birds with one stoneAjit Kumar Karna
25Characteristics and Outcomes of Children With Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)Machhindra Lamichhane
26A Cross-sectional Study on Challenges Faced and Strategies Adopted in Responding to Coronavirus Disease (COVID 19) by Hospital Administrators in Kaski districtDeepti KC
27Mental Health Status Among Health Workers of Nepal During Covid-19 Pandemic: A cross-sectional online survey.Jitendra Kumar Sah
28Knowledge, attitude and practice on use of Jesthavasadi, Guduchi and Yasthimadhu Churna among people attending Central Ayurvedic Hospital, Naradevi, Kathmandu, Nepal during COVID-19 pandemicPradeep K.C.
30Availability of Essential Medicines and Drugs for treatment of chronic disease in the pharmacies of Nepal during COVID 19 PandemicBhawesh Koirala
31Understanding the knowledge and compliance of SMS (Social distancing, use of mask and use of Sanitizer or soap) Measures against Covid-19 in Nepalese people of Province No. 2Phoolgen Shah
32Developing a Nepal Pediatric and Neonatal COVID-19 Registry [NEPCOR]Biraj Man Karmacharya
33Mapping the indirect effects of a health crisis: health system performance for core services during covid-19Suresh Mehata
34Psychological states and its related factors among the frontline health workers during the outbreak of corona disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Nepal.RAKSHYA KARKI
36Oral Clonidine mitigate the symptoms and progression of Coronavirus disease -19 in adult Nepalese populationsBidur Baral
38Measles outbreak in a migrant laborer population in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic: Kathmandu, Nepal, 2020Biplov Adhikari
39Evaluation of the World Health Organization’s remotely delivered Foundational Helping Skills training for non-specialist naive in Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Services during COVID-19 in Kathmandu, NepalNagendra Prasad Luitel
40Epidemiological Risk factors associated with COVID-19 cases at Isolation hospital in NawalpurSadikshya Gyawali
41Perceived stress and social support among visually impaired population in Nepal during Covid 19 outbreak.Sharad Rayamajhi
42Role of frontline health workers in COVID-19 as positive deviants: a qualitative studyRolina Dhital
43Evaluation of COVID -19 Trace and Test Capacity Building in Selected Provinces of Nepal - An Implementation StudyArchana Shrestha
45Sero-Epidemiology of COVID-19 in the Kathmandu Valley (SEVID-KaV)Pradip Gyanwali
46Change in clinical practice and routine life amongst Nepalese ENT surgeons during COVID19 PandemicSmriti Baidya
47Fear and Preventive Measures Practice of COVID-19 among Bachelor of Nursing Students of Kathmandu Valley, NepalPunam Dahal
48Stress and coping strategies among college and university level students of Nepal during COVID-19 pandemicDurga Rijal
49To Determine the Profile of COVID-19 and Its Effects on the Health and Well-Being of People Living In Kaski, Shyangja and Tanahun Districts of Nepal: A Cross Sectional Study.Tirtha Lal Upadhyaya
50Effect of COVID 19 Pandemic and Lockdown on Caesarean Delivery in Provincial Hospital Janakpurdham..Murari Thakur
51Herbal medicines use among pregnant women during COVID-19 pandemic in Nepal: A Cross-sectional Study in a tertiary level hospitalBibek Giri
52Effect of COVID19 pandemic and lockdown on provision and utilization of essential sexual reproductive maternal neonatal child and adolescent health and nutrition services in NepalMeghnath Dhimal
53Review and analysis of current responses to COVID-19 in NepalPradip Gyanwali
54Assessment of Post-Recovery Impact on Patients with COVID-19 in NepalPradip Gyanwali
55Compliance of SMS (Social distancing, use of mask and use of sanitizer or soap) measures against Covid-19 in NepalPradip Gyanwali
56Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on Medical Physicist’s work in Asia & Oceania Region.Kanchan Prasad Adhikari
57An Online Cross - sectional Study on Knowledge, Attitudes, Anxiety and Coping Strategies of Nursing Students on COVID-19 Pandemic in Selected Nursing CampusesBhagawaty Kalikotay
58Study of mental health impact of COVID 19 amongst adults in selected area of NepalDaya Laxmi Baidhya
59A Study on effect of COVID19 prevention measures on young people's Sexual and Reproductive Health at Province1, Bagmati Province and Karnali Province of NepalLaxman Bhattarai
60An Online Cross sectional Study on Knowledge,Perceived Fear and Anxiety on COVID 19 among Community People in Gandaki ProvinceShrijana Poudel
61Impact of COVID-19 outbreak on the Cranio-Maxillo-Facial (CMF) surgeon: an online surveySaroj Prasad Prasad Deo
62Evaluation of knowledge, attitude and practice about novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) among dental practitioners of Nepal.Rebicca Ranjit
63An Observational Study on the Outcomes of Ayurveda Treatment in the Management of COVID-19 Cases in the Selected Centers of Nepal.Rishiram Koirala
64Perception of Adolescents on Emotional Regulation as an Active Ingredient in Mental Health Prevention Programmes in the context of Covid-19, in Chitwan, NepalNagendra Prasad Luitel
65Socio-economic impact and coping strategies to COVID-19 among dentists of NepalAlok Sagtani
66Socio-economic Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown on Mental Health of General Population in Nepal: A Cross-sectional Online SurveyAnju Poudel
67A Study of Clinico-epidemiological profile of patients with COVID-19 presenting to Nepal APF Hospital.Prabin Nepal
68The Impact of Quarantine following COVID -19 Pandemic on Mental Health of adult population in Rupa Gaunpalika, Kaski: a cross-sectional Online SurveyGita Devi Ghimire
69The Missing Thread in Mortality during COVID-19 Lockdown: : A case study of Pokhara Metropolitan City, Nepal.Nirmal Lamichhane
70Review of Research Studies related to Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic in Nepal: A retrospective studyPradip Gyawali
71Assessment of the Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Functionality and Utilization of RMNCAH Services by clients in Public Sector Health Facilities of NepalBhim Singh Tinkari
72Perceived stress of the people living in quarantine due to COVID-19 pandemic : A qualitative study from NepalSudha Ghimire
73Medical and Nursing students’ Preference towards Returning Hospital Setting during COVID-19 Pandemic: A Cross-Sectional Online SurveyBabita Singh
74Effect of COVID 19 lockdown in reproductive, maternal and newborn health(RMNH) service utilization in eastern and central districts of NepalSurya Bhatta
75Impact of COVID-19 on patients and caregivers visiting Star hospital in NepalRoshan Adhikari
76Characteristics, Comorbidities and Outcomes of the COVID19 cases in the Bagmati Province of Nepal: A case studyPurusotam Raj Shedain
77Effect of ABO Blood Group on Susceptibility to COVID-19 Infection in Province 5, NepalSanyukta Gurung
78Impact of COVID 19 on Nepalese elderly in three districts of Province 1, Nepal: A mixed-method studyOm Prakash Yadav
79Epidemiological and clinical characteristics of deceased patients with Coronavirus Disease 2019 outbreak in NepalNuwadatta Subedi
80Psychological Impact and Coping Strategies during COVID-19 Pandemic among Person with Cancer in the Bhaktapur Cancer HospitalRoshani Gautam
81Village Integrate Eye Worker Trials - COVID-19 Sub-studyRam Prasad Kandel
82COVID-19 Social Science and Public Engagement Action Research in Vietnam, Indonesia and Nepal (SPEAR): Exploring the experiences and impacts of COVID-19 for healthcare workers and vulnerable communitiesRabi Shakya
83Comparison of compassion satisfaction and compassion fatigue among COVID-19 frontline staffs and other general staffs of Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital (STIDH)Amee Thapaliya
84Experiences and Perception on online education among the Nursing faculties and students during COVID-19 pandemic in Nepal: A Mixed Method StudyBimala Kumari Sahgupta
85Perceived stress and associated factors during Covid 19 lockdown among hoteliersAkriti Kafle
86Assessing Stress levels among the Health Care Workers during and after Outbreak of COVID-19 in the setting of selected tertiary radiation facility in NepalBibek Acharya
87Situation of Family Planning services during Covid 19 and its associated factors: A web- based nationwide cross-sectional study among people between 18- 49 yearsAnupama Bhusal
88Depression,Stress and Anxiety among residents of Nepal during COVID-19 LockdownSandhya Basnet
89Comparative study of mental health impact of COVID-19 on families with and without members on foreign landSagarananda Giri
90Effectiveness of Skills and Simulation based e- Learning on COVID-19 management skills among the health care professionals in Nepal - a Mixed Method StudyOhmar Man Pradhan
91Short term trajectory and correlates of psychological distress during COVID 19 pandemic among University students in NepalSuraj Shakya
92Assessment of depression and anxiety related to social media usage during Covid-19 lockdown among Nepali adolescents and young adultsRomeena Niraula
93Sensitivity and specificity of Lateral Flow Antigen Test Kits for COVID-19 in Asymptomatic Population of Quarantine Centre of Province 2Bibek Rajbhandari
94Study of Faecal & Wastewater Transmission of COVID-19 in Hub-Hospitals around Kathmandu ValleyBim Prasad Shrestha
95Perceptions on Ethics of Public Health Interventions during the Covid 19 OutbreakPrakash Ghimire
96Assessment of suicide situation during COVID-19 pandemic in NepalKamal Gautam
97A web-based survey on Knowledge and Perception of Novel corona virus (nCoV19) among Health workers in NepalBiplav Aryal
98Prevalence and associated factors of depression, anxiety and stress among undergraduate medical and health science students during COVID - 19 pandemic in Nepal.Bhoj Raj Kalauni
99A Survey on Relationship between COVID 19 Pandemic/Extensive Lockdown and Mental Health and Psychosocial Wellbeing of General Population in NepalPiyush Gautam
100Impact of Covid-19 on Nepalese OrthodontistPushkar Manadhar
101A cross sectional study on factors associated with satisfaction of Covid-19 patients in isolation centers in Province 1Samikshya Nepal
102Depression and Anxiety among Children in State-Imposed Lockdown in Kathmandu Metropolitan City during Covid 19 Pandemic: An online studySatya Bhama Shrestha
103Safety Preparedness towards COVID-19 in Schools to Reopen after LockdownBhagwan Aryal
104Depression, Anxiety and Stress among School going Adolescents during COVID-19 Pandemic in a School in Lalitpur District : Online SurveyManju - Nepal
105Perception towards online teaching-learning among medical students against adverse situation due to COVID-19 pandemic in Nepal: A cross-sectional online surveyRakesh Singh
106Anxiety and Depression among hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Seti Provincial Hospital,Dhangadhi, Nepal: a cross-sectional studyAshok Chaudhary
107Assessment of effectiveness of the COVID-19 pandemic preparedness training among frontline health workers in NepalYadu Chandra Ghimire
108Rapid assessment of Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) and their help seeking behavior in the era of COVID-19 pandemic in NepalKunta Devi Pun
109Assessing the needs of dentists during the Covid-19 pandemic in NepalDilip Prajapati
110Prevalence of Stress among Nepal Police: The Front liners on COVID-19 pandemic in Province 3, NepalBibek Rajbhandari
111Assessment of obstacles in CAPD during COVID-19 pandemic in NepalNabin Bahadur Basnet
112WHO solidarity trial: An international randomised trial of additional treatments for COVID-19 in hospitalised patients who are all receiving the local standard of care in NepalPradip Gyanwali
113Psychosomatic impact of COVID-19 pandemic on dental and oral healthcare workers: an online survey in Nepal.Saroj Prasad Deo
114Clinical profile of hospitalized patients during pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 in Nepal- a multicenter observational prospective cohort studyAshok Chaudhary
115Utilization of maternal and newborn services and postnatal wellbeing of mother and children during COVID-19 in selected public health facility of NepalRejina Gurung
116Detection of SARS-CoV-2 infection on Conjunctival swab among COVID-19 cases in NepalSanduk Ruit
117Implementation study on maternal and newborn health (MNH) emergencies helpline to assist rural MNH services providers on clinical decision making during the COVID-19Surya Bhatta
118Internalized stigma, anxiety, depression and their correlates among COVID-19 cases and suspects admitted in COVID-19 treating health facilities in two provinces of NepalBigya Shah
119Online survey on source of information, knowledge and perceptions towards COVID-19 among health care workers and health students in Nepal: A comparative studySagarananda Giri
120Community experiences and perception towards food insecurity, health care utilization and migrant's returnees during COVID-19 outbreak in Province 2 of NepalDevendra Raj Singh
121Mental Health Status of Nepalese Migrant Workers in Gulf Countries during COVID 19 PandemicMaheshor Kaphle
122Screening of the ocular health problems in COVID-19 infected Nepalese populationBirendra Mahat
123Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Behavioral Response related to COVID-19 Pandemic among General Population of Kathmandu ValleyMithu - Saud
124Collateral Effects of COVID-19 on other Health Problems in NepalPradip Gyanwali
125CHILDREN’S health, learning, Rights and protection During the COVID-19 pandemic: A Global research studyMatrika Sharma
126Effectiveness of traditional Ayurvedic formulation in clinical improvement of COVID-19 patients - randomized, two-armed, open-label, pragmatic trial in COVID Hospitals in Nepal - a pilot studyRam Lal Shrestha
127Epidemiological features of COVID-19 pandemic in NepalBhim Prasad Sapkota
128Psychological and behavioral responses to Covid-19 pandemic in NepalMohammad Sabbir Mansoor
129Anxiety, Perceived Stress and Coping Strategies among the Nepalese Nurses working around the World during a Corona Virus ( Covid 19) Outbreak.Sandhya Shrestha
130Psychological Problems and Social Media Exposure during COVID-19 Pandemic among the adult population 18 years and aboveRojana Dhakal
131Anxiety, depressive symptoms and sleep disorder among hospitalized COVID19 patients in Lumbini Provincial Hospital, NepalBishnu Gautam
132Study of lifestyle behavior, perception and practices among people living within lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemics.SAMIKSHYA KANDEL
133The Psychological Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in healthcare workers: A Cross-sectional Study in Nepal.Suraj Ghimire
135Challenges of operating hemodialysis centers in resource poor settings during COVID 19 pandemic: A multi-center study in NepalNabin Bahadur Basnet
136Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Mental Health and Quality of Life among University Students: An online survey in Nepal.Mahendra Giri
137Assessing anxiety and depression among Health Sciences Students at Home Quarantine during COVID-19 Pandemic in selected provinces of NepalRajesh Kumar Yadav
138Availability and Utilization of Personal Protective Measures for COVID-19 Prevention and Management by the Health Care Providers in COVID Hospitals of Nepal: An Action Research ApproachDewa Adhikari Rijal
139Perception of doctors for COVID-19 pandemic readiness in government hospital of NepalPawan Kumar Hamal
140Analysis of clinical outcomes and prognosis of COVID-19 patients in NepalShilabant Sen Shribastav
141Dentist’s awareness, perception and attitude regarding COVID-19 and its impact on dentistry. A cross-sectional survey among Nepalese Dentists.Nikita Khanal
142Impact of COVID-19 on the heart: Insight and current evidence based knowledge among PhysiciansKunal Bikram Shaha
143Knowledge, attitude, and perceptions towards the 2019 Coronavirus Pandemic: A multinational surveyDeepak Subedi
144Satisfaction of the Non-COVID patients in the hospitals with center for COVID-19 services: A Multicenter Study in NepalMukesh Kumar Sah
145Use of Mobile App for Nepal Covid-19 Surveillance System in Kathmandu ValleyRamesh Kumar Maharjan
146COVID-19: A National Survey on Perceived Level of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice among Frontline Medical Professionals in NepalNira Tamang
147Mission covid19Milan Maharjan
148Clinical evaluation of YASH-T decoction in management of mild to moderate COVID-19 cases: Open label controlled trialPradip Gyanwali
149Study of Mental health and Substance use problems, and Mental health awareness among Patients and Health care professionals in COVID-19 Quarantine centres in Sunsari district : a Study from NepalDhana Ratna Shakya
150Psychosocial Issues among the Healthcare Workers at tertiary care centers due to the COVID-19 Pandemic: An online surveyAnoop Krishna Gupta
151Study of Peripheral blood smear changes in patient during RT PCR Covid 19 positive and negative status at Koshi Covid HospitalKamana Sharma
152A web-based cross sectional study on Knowledge, Attitude, practice on COVID 19 among 18-59 years of population in kathmandu valley.Sushma Adhikari
153Knowledge, attitude and practice among ophthalmic health care personnel(HCP) towards COVID-19 pandemic in Nepal: A web-based cross-sectional studyZAHIR ANSARI
154A Survey on Mental Health and Psychosocial Wellbeing of Persons with Disabilities in Times of COVID 19 Outbreak And Lockdown in NepalLaxman Nath
155Knowledge, Attitude and Practice regarding COVID-19 among residents of NepalBipula Gaire
156Assessment of COVID-19 risk among Nepalese health professionals: Nationwide surveyBishnu Dutta Acharya
157Chloroquine/ hydroxychloroquine prevention of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the healthcare setting; a randomised, placebo-controlled prophylaxis study (COPCOV)Buddha Basnyat
158Knowledge and attitude on prevention of COVID-19 among Community Health Workers in NepalTek Bahadur Thapa
159COVID-19: Understanding how young people respond and manage their emotions during the pandemic coronavirus disease (COVID-19)Sandesh Dhakal
160Impact in Treatment Receiving Person with Mental Health Condition due to COVID-19 pandemic situationRam Lal Shrestha
161Study on the Effectiveness of Remdesivir and convalescent Plasma Therapy for treatment of COVID-19 Infection in NepalDr. Janak Koirala
162Clinical characteristics of COVID-19 patients admitted in Koshi Hospital BiratnagarDen Prasad Acharya
163Experiences and perception of healthcare providers working during COVID-19 pandemic in Nepal: A cross-sectional studySagar Panthi
164Deciphering Whole Genomic Sequence of SARS-CoV-2 and Analysis of Immunological Parameters in COVID 19 Patients of NepalPradip Gyanwali
165Public perception on the measures of COVID-19 taken by the Government of Nepal: a cross sectional studyNilam Adhikari
166Knowledge and perception regarding novel corona virus (Covid-19) among healthcare workers working at selected Health care institutions of Banke district, Nepal.Arati Pokharel
167A nationwide online survey of psycho-social impact on Nepalese population due to COVID-19 pandemic and lock-downJeevan Gautam
168Knowledge of novel corona virus disease (COVID-19) among dental surgeons of NepalMukesh Kumar Sah
169Evaluation of knowledge and perception of general public on use of face masks during Covid-19 pandemicKadir Alam
170Mental Wellbeing among the People Living in the Lockdown in Nepal During COVID 19 pandemic.Sajan Acharya Acharya
171Level of stress and social media exposure during COVID-19 pandemic among working age people of NepalSudarshan Dhungana
172Front-line healthcare worker perception and willingness to work during COVID-19 pandemic in Nepal: A cross-sectional web- based studyDipak Prasad Upadhyaya
173Knowledge, attitude and practice regarding the use of disposable gloves by general population during COVID-19 pandemicDipak Kumar Yadav
174Knowledge, attitude and practice of COVID-19 among the general public in Nepal. A cross-sectional online surveyKumud Chapagain
175An assessment of mental health status among fever clinic attendants in Nepal during COVID 19 pandemics: a cross-sectional studyHridaya Devkota
176Prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID 19) in NepalRanjit Sah
177Factors associated with fear, anxiety, depression and insomnia among health workers in Nepal during COVID-19 pandemic.Navin Devkota
178Status of Anxiety, Depression and Social Discrimination among quarantined labor migrant following global pandemic of Covid 19 in Karnali province: A Mixed Method StudyUdaya Bahadur BC
179Assessment on the Psychological Impact of Quarantine in Covid-19 Pandemic in NepalMeghnath Dhimal
180Perceived Risk of COVID-19 and Psychological Distress among Health Workers during COVID-19 Pandemic in Nepal: An Online SurveyBimala Sharma
181Perception of people on COVID-19 and its impact on psychosocial wellbeing during COVID-19 pandemic in NepalKamal Gautam
182An online survey on Stress, anxiety, depression and their associated factors among health care workers during COVID 19 pandemic in NepalApsara Pandey
183Knowledge and attitude towards COVID 19 among healthcare workers working in Seti Provincial Hospital of Sudurpaschim Province.Janaki Parajuli
184Public understanding and their response about COVID -19 in NepalRakesh Ghimire
185Knowledge, Behavioral Response and Anxiety in Relation to COVID-19 Outbreak Among Nepalese Adult: A Cross Sectional Electronic SurveyBiswash Sapkota
186Impact in Health Choices of Families in Nepal During COVID-19 QuarantineCarmina Shrestha
187Work Place Stress and Anxiety among Medical Doctors of Nepal during COVID-19 PandemicSabita Khadka
188Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of healthcare workers in Nepal towards Corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemicPrabina Ghimire
189Mental health status among health care-givers during COVID-19 pandemic period in NepalNiresh Thapa
190Knowledge, perceptions and psychological impact of COVID-19 among the general public in Nepal: A qualitative studyNavin Bhatt
191Prevalence and predictors of anxiety and depression amid COVID-19 pandemic among the respondents of a online surveyAnil Sigdel
192Assessment of COVID-19 specific symptoms in those people returned from foreign countries to NepalArchana Shrestha
193Knowledge and perception on Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) among the general public in Nepal: A Cross-Sectional Online SurveyAnisha Karn
194Anxiety, Depression and Functional impairment during COVID-19 Pandemic among employees of Hospital for Children Eye ENT and Rehabilitation Services, BhaktapurRajan Shrestha
195Assessment of service availability and Infection prevention status of hospitals in Nepal in the context of possible COVID-19 case management needSuraj Bhattarai
196Preventive Practices of COVID-19 Outbreak in NepalSunita Pokhrel Bhattarai
197Systematic Evaluation of COVID-19 preparedness, emergency care and burn care capacity in emergency departments of tertiary hospitals in Kathmandu Valley, NepalRamu Kharel
198Emergency Preparedness and Readiness of Nepal against outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19)Namra Kumar Mahato
199Remdesivir and Convalescent Plasma Therapy for treatment of COVID-19 in Nepal : A Registry StudyJanak Koirala
200Remote Learning during the Pandemics: Mental Health Predictors and Coping of University Students during COVID 19 in NepalSujan Shrestha
201Mental wellbeing of health care workers working in Nepal and their effectiveness to cope with stress amid COVID-19 pandemicSaroja Poudel
203Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of COVID-19 among radiographers in NepalSurendra Maharjan
204Hematological and Biochemical Parameters along with IgG Antibody against SARS-CoV-2 in patients visiting referral laboratory for recovery check up after COVID-19 in NepalVivek Pant