Estimating Burden of Disease for Nepal Using Globally Used Methods

[Proposed] MoU has been signed between NHRC,MoHP and IHME



Ministry of Health


Understanding the burden of disease is essential for efficient use of limited resources in health programs, especially in the developing countries. The burden of disease is thus a valuable tool for Nepal to prioritize health interests and allocate resources. Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington regularly produces global burden of disease (GBD) estimates for a particular country. What the GBD estimate for Nepal produce by the IHME is not sufficiently rigorous due to lack of mortality, morbidity and disability-related data for Nepal. The project thus aim to estimate GBD for Nepal thereby utilizing multiple data source for Nepal, and applying the standardized methods

The purpose of this project is to gather available evidence and datasets for including them in the BoD estimates for Nepal. The project will also generate cause specific mortality and morbidity information in the areas where there exist evidence gap at the national level.

The project will produce national level data that would be appropriate to use for BoD estimates. The existing and available dataset on important conditions such as suicide, homicide and Road Traffic Accidents will be identified to be used for BoD estimates. The project will enable NHRC to determine and plan for potential future studies that would support the BoD estimates for Nepal.