Evaluation of the introduction of an Electronic Medical Record System in District Trishuli Hospital, Nuwakot



NPR 1.2 Million

GIZ, Nepal


Currently, patient based data at District Trishuli Hospital (DTH) is recorded on a paper based system. Analysis and use of the data at the hospital is difficult with the current system. Moreover, the quality of data is often compromised in the paper based patient record system, because of the possibilities for double-counting, transcription errors or missing values. The introduction of an electronic medical record system to support the hospital management is not only considered to improve the quality of the data, but could also support the smooth functioning of the hospital itself. Documenting the effectiveness of EMR in Trisuli hospital can give evidence on whether such program would be effective in other hospitals in days to come. Furthermore, assessment of barriers and facilitators can give idea of the factors that need to be considered or addressed before introduction of EMR in other hospital or health facilities. The findings of this study could be useful for other district that are planning or have any plan of introduction of EMR in near future.


In this context, this study aims to evaluate the electronic medical recording system interms of data quality, its use, barriers and facilitators of the EMR. The study is mixed method study.

To assess the effectiveness of introducing an electronic medical record system in the Trishuli District Hospital, Nuwakot

Study report has been released and it is available on NHRC web portal.