Knowledge Management and Translation of Evidence into Health Policy and Practice




Cochrane South Asia


The use of evidence by policymakers in decision-making is not common in Nepal. Although the number of health research in Nepal is in increasing trend, very few studies get published in National and international journals thus restricting the evidence utility in decision-making. Neither the published papers in the reputed international journal are accessible to policy makers regarding cost nor, there is an overall synthesis of published studies with an appraisal of effectiveness or consideration of local applicability. Further, there is a lack of interaction between researchers and policymakers as a result policymakers are reluctant to trust evidence generated within the country. In this context, NHRC is involved in translating evidence generated from scientific studies into health policy and practice through its Knowledge Management Project.

The project aims to develop infrastructure for policy support function of the NHRC. The project will also initiate policy support products and activities that gradually increase the visibility of NHRC’s research work in policy support.

NHRC will network with Cochrane South Asia and other related organizations to bridge the evidence utility gap by; establishing collaboration between policymakers and researchers, promoting methods for evidence synthesis relevant to decision makers, developing the capacity of local researchers in systematic review methods, and assessing evidence generation and utilization capacity of local stakeholders.