Updating NHRC Web Portal and Strengthening Research Information Sharing



NPR 850, 000

Health for Life Project


NHRC is moving ahead to strengthen its capacity to lead health research and make it a globally recognized research hub in the days to come. For this, it has a respective web portal maintained to communicate and share information with its diverse user. However, at the moment, the current web portal is not interactively user-friendly, and in turn does not allow the users to make full utilization of the web portal. As a national level apical body for health research activities, NHRC needs a user-friendly and interactive web portal that will allow disseminating information to diverse users and establishing linkage with other organizations working in health and other sectors as well. Also, the NHRC also lacks a web based platform to share its research evidence. There is a need to develop an interactive system that integrates Ethical Review System, Journal Management System and Library Management System.

The project aims to redesign and rebuilt current web portal of NHRC

NHRC will have an updated web page. The webpage will include an efficient Journal Management System to publish and retrieve health studies in the Journal of Nepal Health Research Council. Similarly, the web page will also provide comprehensive information about ethic approval process and the Institutional Review Committees. The web portal will include platform to upload and share raw data arising from studies conducted y the NRHC.