To do or cause to do study and research on health problems and issues being encountered or likely to be encountered in future.

To conduct programs relating to consultancy service and information to make the study and activities relating to health research more useful.

To acquire global and national level evidence on health related problems, and inform the Government of Nepal for evidence-based policy making and planning.


  • Conduct research in the various fields relating to health within the Nepal aligning with the health priorities identified in the National Health Policy of the Government of Nepal.
  • Provide a specific policy direction for the regulation, promotion, implementation, management and utilization of health research in Nepal.
  • Define health research need and set research priorities for the national health system.
  • Monitor and evaluate research works related to health and make appropriate recommendations.
  • Publish and publicize the research experiences and the results of research relating at the national and international levels.
  • Coordinate with foreign researchers and research institution to carry out some part of the research in a foreign country if there is no facility to carry out such research within the Nepal.
  • To obtain information as to the study and research or works done on health-related various problems appearing in the world and give information to the Government of Nepal.