Papers must be submitted by one of the authors of the manuscript through our online submission system (Click here). Submitting authors should first register with the Journal and log on before making the submission. Submissions are made on the 'User Home' tab. The submitting author/corresponding author takes responsibility for the article during submission and peer review.

After a manuscript is submitted, it undergoes a three-step review process. We consider the manuscript format and the document requirements in the first level of review. Manuscripts that do not meet the basic formatting criteria are rejected for further review. The relevance, originality, soundness and applicability of the approach/idea and the overall quality of the manuscript are considered in the second level of the review. Manuscripts passing the second level continue to the third level which consists of an independent peer review by external experts in related fields.

Initially, the editorial assistants consider the manuscript formatting and the document requirements. Authors are provided with the opportunity to review their manuscript and provide the required documents. Failure to maintain the format criteria or supply the required documents even after correspondence from the editorial assistants will disqualify the manuscript from further review.

The majority of papers are rejected because they are not clear and consistent. Manuscripts might also be declined because they fall outside the scope of the JNHRC.

Usually, two reviewers are assigned for each manuscript. However, in the event that a second reviewer is not available, the decision will be made based on a single reviewer, assuming the first review is substantive. A third review may be sought when two reviewers have conflicting views.

First, potential conflicts of interest are avoided by eliminating reviewers from the author’s institution, and so on. Then, reviewers who have the requisite expertise are selected for the review.

There is a set of questions which reviewers use in rating the manuscript to recommend acceptance, rejection, or revision. The reviewers are also asked to give detailed comments which they feel may be useful to the authors or editors.

We review the manuscript and comments to assess the quality of the reviews. If the reviewers have suggested revision, we ask the author to resubmit the manuscript after addressing the comments. Upon resubmission, the editor-in-chief reviews all the documents and makes a final decision on the manuscript.

Currently, the average time from acceptance to publication is 120 days.

Author's instruction and other useful resources about the journal are available on our web page (Click here).

We welcome submissions from all parts of the world. Please note that the subject must in some way be relevant or generalizable to the Nepalese context. If you are uncertain about whether or not your paper is appropriate for the JNHRC, please contact our editorial offices at: editor@jnhrc.org.np

Please contact us at: The Nepal Health Research Council, Ramshah Path PO Box No 7626 Kathmandu, (Email: editor@jnhrc.org.np), (Phone: +977 1-4254220/4227460), (Fax: +977 1-4262469/4268284). We are more than happy to answer your queries and update the FAQs accordingly.