About the Journal

The Journal of the Nepal Health Research Council (JNHRC) is an official, peer-reviewed, biomedical journal of the NHRC. The journal has been published since 2002, and since 2012 it is being published trimesterly. The journal publishes articles related to research conducted in the field of biomedical sciences including medical science, public health and health care management, and also covers ethical and social issues in health. It gives preference to clinically oriented studies over experimental and animal studies. The journal publishes original articles, reviews, case reports, viewpoints and letters to the editor.

The principal aim of the JNHRC is to increase the visibility and access to open-access scientific and scholarly articles, thereby increasing their application and impact. Readers have permission to read, download, copy, distribute and print any of the published articles. JNHRC does not charge to access full text articles, nor are there any fees to submit, process or publish articles. The journal is PubMed indexed.