Executive Chief

  • Dr. Pradip GyanwaliMember-Secretary

Health Research Section

  • Dr. Meghnath Dhimal, PhDChief / Senior Research Officer
  • Dr. Bishnu P. Marasini, PhDSenior Research Officer
  • Dr. Guna Raj DhunganaConsultant
  • Dr. Nisha RanaConsultant
  • Dr. Chandan ThakurConsultant
  • Dr. Shristhi KarkiResearch Officer
  • Dr. Suman PantResearch Officer
  • Ms. Sashi SilwalResearch Officer
  • Ms. Kopila KhadkaResearch officer
  • Ms. Selina SiwakotiResearch Officer
  • Ms. Sailaja GhimireResearch Officer
  • Ms. Urmila ShakyaResearch officer
  • Ms. Elina KhatriResearch Officer
  • Dr. Nayanum PokhrelResearch Officer
  • Dr. Prerok RegmiResearch officer
  • Dr. Suman Sharma PaudelResearch Officer
  • Ms. Uma KafleResearch officer
  • Ms. Upama GhimireResearch Officer
  • Ms. Jyoti SharmaResearch Officer
  • Ms. Pratima DawadiResearch Officer
  • Mr. Jot Narayan PatelResearch Officer
  • Ms. Rajina ShakyaResearch Officer
  • Ms. Sushma SharmaResearch Officer
  • Dr. Ghanasham PandeyResearch Officer
  • Ms. Krishtina ParajuliResearch Officer
  • Ms. Samita MaharjanResearch Officer
  • Mr. Manish DhakalData Entry Manager
  • Ms. Aastha AcharyaAssistant Research Officer
  • Mr. Rakesh YadavAsst. Research Officer
  • Ms. Rabina PoudelAsst. Research Officer
  • Ms. Janaki PandeyAsst. Research Officer
  • Ms. Sunita BaralAsst. Research Officer
  • Mr. Kiran NeupaneResearch Asst.
  • Ms. Srijana PantAsst. Research Officer
  • Ms. Sarina GyawaliResearch Asst.

Ethical Review, Monitoring and Evaluation Section

  • Ms. Namita GhimireResearch Officer

Administration Section

  • Mr. Yubaraj KharelAdmin. Specialist
  • Mr. Sudip GyenwaliAdministrative Officer
  • Ms. Sumita KhanalAdministrative Officer
  • Bina Devi SitaulaAssistant Administrative Officer
  • Min Bahadur GhisingSenior Technical Assistant
  • Ajay Kumar Lal KarnaAdmin Assistant(5th Level)
  • Subash GhisingAdmin Assistant(5th Level)
  • Ms. Sarita ThapaAdmin & Office Assistant
  • Ms. Usha ParajuliAdmin Assistant
  • Lal Bahadur GhisingDriver
  • Mr. Ambir Ghale GurungTechnical Assistant
  • Mandhwoj TamangDriver
  • Bir Bahadur GhisingDriver
  • Kamala PujariSweeper
  • Lok Bikram ChauhanOffice Helper
  • Bishnu Prasad DhunganaOffice Helper
  • Buddhiman LimbuGuard
  • Maheshwor ChaudharyGuard
  • Goma KhadkaGardener
  • Renu SedhainSweeper

Capacity Building Section

  • Mr. Pradip Belbase

Library and Information Section

  • Mr. Chandra Bhushan YadavLibrary & Information Officer
  • Ghanshyam ChaudharySenior Library & Information Assistant

Finance Administration Section

  • Mr. Subodh Kumar Karna Chief/Deputy Chief Account Controller
  • Mr. Saraswati Prasad BhattaraiStore Officer
  • Ms. Sanju PoudelAccount Officer
  • Mr. Puka Lal GhisingAssistant Account Officer
  • Mr. Kewal BudhathokiAccount Assistant
  • Mr. Basudev ChapagainStore Asst.
  • Ms. Sunita DhakalAccount Assistant
  • Ms. Kamala LuitelStore Asst.

Publication Section

  • Sudip PaudelSenior Publication Assistant