Spine Trauma Registry-Nepal (STR-NP)

General Information

National Trauma Spine Registry is the platform to support the users and research team. By following guidelines provided by NHRC, the platform incorporates features to record patient’s socio-demographic information, documents like clinical parameters such as vital signs, enter diagnosis based on ICD-10, records patient symptoms and health conditions, provides multimedia features to document clinical notes as well as defined reports to support the data generating administrative and clinical processes.

In addition to such administrative and clinical documentation features, the platform is able to provide (fully integrated) tools to “digitize” paper forms and templates as required by NHRC.

The back-end platform is built on the Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). It also provides data management and business intelligence (BI) tools for analytics to visualize data. The platform is scalable, multi-tenant and cloud-enabled.

Here, the platform’s multi-tenant architecture allows the management of several tenants (1: n) operated on 1 database, or on multiple databases by establishing a data hub where health data can be exchanged. The platform supports the approach mentioned by NHRC to provide separate access of each healthcare entity without any interference and/or display of health data from each single healthcare provider (i.e., tenant) to another participating in the project.

Furthermore, the platform complies with international health and data security standards. Only authorized and certified system administrators are allowed to manage and maintain the required infrastructure, either setup in a datacenter or NHRC’s dedicated premise.

For the client access (i.e., users), the platform is accessible via web-browser with top most security upon login based on a comprehensive profile/permission setting. Authorized users’ access can be setup in a way that specific landing pages (i.e., GUI) can be defined which will be 100% under control of NHRC’s technical team. Furthermore, the data transactions are end to end encrypted for safe data transfers.

Specific setups have been defined to support particular health environment in order to setup the data structure to generate reliable health data for this research project. All setups can be managed and maintained centrally through a single point of access which also applies for data extraction processes (i.e., data exports) as well as statistics, evaluations and online reports.

The platform supports data entry processes either manually by users during their personal encounter with patients or automatically following the standard guidelines and processes in accordance with NHRC’s requirements and national policies. It is possible to provide a hybrid process where automated data generation is complemented by manual data entry for instance.

NHRC’s technical as well as health related requirements is fully supported by the platform which enables them to implement all their rules and regulations (i.e., clinical guidelines) in the platform to create a standardized national healthcare network supporting its research goals by generating reliable datasets to support this National Trauma Spine Registry project.

In addition, any data or data sets in the database can be processed and extracted from the platform at any point of time utilizing the built-in tools.

In accordance with the project goals, the platform circulates around the patient and its administrative processes as well as the required clinical documentation as per definition from NHRC.

Committee Members

Name Organization Designation(STR-NP)
Prof. Dr. Gaurav Raj Dhakal Vice Chairperson, NHRC Advisor
Dr. Pradip Gyanwali Executive Chief, NHRC Coordinator
Dr. Meghnath Dhimal Chief, Research Section, NHRC Member
Dr. Bimal Pandey President, ASSN Member
Dr. Byapak Paudel General Secretary, ASSN Member
Dr. Sanjeev Uprety Chairman Clinicomatics Digital Member
Mr. Bijay Kumar Jha Training Officer, NHRC Member
Ms. Namita Ghimire Research Officer, NHRC Member
Er. Sudarshan Sharma IT Officer, NHRC Member
Ms. Kopila Khadka Research Officer, NHRC Member-Secretary