Dr Aryal’s work over the past decade has been largely on chronic disease epidemiology and translation of research into policy and practice supporting evidence informed policy decisions. He has mainly worked around generating and/or translating evidence for policy and program development with majority of his work being on non-communicable diseases, burden of disease, and health systems research to support policy and program decisions working closely with the Ministry of Health and Population in Nepal at the national level. In addition to his work on chronic disease epidemiology, he has been involved in various works related to health systems strengthening including health system assessment to guide the design of national health insurance in Nepal; production of Nepal national health accounts; assessment of social health insurance in Nepal; and institutionalizing burden of disease related works in Nepal. Two of his important research to policy interface works are, his contribution in finalizing and launching the first National Multi-Sectoral Action Plan for Prevention and Control of NCDs in Nepal (2014-2020); and coordinating the Evidence Support Group that provided evidence informed strategy development support to the design of the Nepal Health Sector Strategy 2015-2020, which was the national health sector guiding document /strategy for the country until July 2023. In addition, he has contributed to the development of various national health sector policy and strategy documents primarily focusing on how best the strategic documents be evidence informed. His current project focuses on providing policy decision support to make the best use of limited national resources for health care delivery through supporting the national government on priority setting using economic evaluations.