Research Priority AreasTotal
Emergency Preparedness and Response84
Monitoring and Evaluation7
Infection Prevention and Control(IPC) Practices9
COVID-19 related Knowledge, Information and Data73
COVID-19 related Fund and its Economic aspects3
COVID - 19 Epidemiology10
Clinical Characterization , Presentation and Testing64
Rapid learning about Immunity for Public Health Impact22
Treatment and Rapid Impacts for COVID -19 Treatment30
Non – Pharmaceutical Intervention: Adherence and Mobility6
Public Health Response0
Genetics of COVID – 19 3
Psycho - social dimension of COVID-19 110
Food and Nutrition during COVID - 19 Pandemic3
Risk Communication0
Total 424


1 .Awareness ,knowledge, attitude and skills of telemedicine among the medical doctors during the time of COVID 19 pandemic in Nepal: an online cross-sectional study
2 .Evaluating comparative efficacy of various COVID-19 vaccine in Nepalese population
3 .City-to-City COVID-19 vaccination learning exchange (COVLEx) initiative
4 .Spectrum of Musculoskeletal Manifestations in Covid 19 Patient in Nepal APF Hospital
5 .A retrospective study of prevalence and duration of Anosmia in patients with COVID-19 admitted to Nepal APF Hospital
6 .Parents’ and Caregivers’ willingness to accept vaccines for their children against COVID-19: A Cross-Sectional Study in Nepal
7 .Application of the epidemic surveillance and response analysis system (SORMAS) to improve preparedness and surveillance in the face of the COVID-19 epidemic Nepal : a study on the implementation of SORMAS
8 .Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Health Care Delivery system for Non-Communicable Diseases in Nepal
9 .Screening, testing, diagnosis and management of CoVID-19 at Points of Entry in Nepal
10 .Lactate dehydrogenase as a biomarker for assessment of COVID-19 prognosis in severe and critically ill patients in Nepal: A single-centered retrospective study
11 .Knowledge, Attitude, Practices and Concerns regarding Covid-19 Vaccination in Nepal
12 .Outcome of non-invasive ventilation versus invasive mechanical ventilation in critically ill COVID-19 patients requiring ventilator support in a tertiary healthcare center of Nepal.
13 .Oxygen requirements and approaches to respiratory support in patients with COVID-19 in low- and middle-income countries: an observational study.
14 .Village Integrate Eye Worker Trials - COVID-19 Sub-study (2nd submission)
16 .Pneumothorax, pneumomediastinum and subcutaneous emphysema as respiratory complications of COVID-19 in COVID-19 dedicated Nepal Armed Police Force Hospital
17 .Experiences of healthcare workers facing violence during COVID-19 pandemic in Nepal: a qualitative study
18 .Tele-health and Telemedicine interventions for the Prevention and Management of COVID-19, its effectiveness and limitations in Nepal
19 .Assessment of Post-COVID Complications in Recovered COVID-19 Patients of Province 2
20 .Knowledge, attitude and practice regarding COVID-19 among the patients with chronic illness in tertiary hospitals of Nepal
21 .Intention to Accept Covid-19 Vaccines and Its Influencing Factors among Nursing Students of Bagmati Province, Nepal
22 .Effectiveness of pulmonary rehabilitation in respiratory outcome and health related quality of life in patients with COVID-19 pulmonary sequelae at a Provincial hospital in Bagmati Province.
23 .A qualitative study to explore lived experience of Nurses in the battle of COVID 19 in Nepal Police Hospital of Kathmandu Nepal.
24 .A qualitative study on the experiences of the Older Adults with Dementia and their caregivers during COVID 19 in one of the Care Centers of Kathmandu, Nepal
25 .Assessing the performance of the COVID-19 case investigation and contact tracing system in Nepal, May-July 2021
26 .Knowledge and attitudes of covid-19 testing and vaccination in Soru Rural Municipality and Suryabinayak Municipality of Nepal
27 .Breakthrough infection of COVID-19 in vaccinated healthcare workers at Dhulikhel Hospital and its associated factors
28 .Perception on interdisciplinary team work in COVID-19 management among nurses working in selected tertiary hospitals in Kathmandu
29 .Functionality of OTC centers (Outpatient Therapeutic Center) established health facilities in province 2 during Covid-19 pandemic.
30 .Anxiety, Depression and Stress among Female Community Health Volunteers during COVID-19 Pandemic in Morang and Sunsari Districts
31 .Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Perceived Social Support among COVID Positive Cases Living in Home Isolation at Kathmandu Valley
32 .Challenges in access to care among diabetic patients during COVID-19 context: A hospital based mixed method study
33 .Epidemiological distribution patterns of COVID-19 induced mortality in Nepal: A Retrospective study
34 .Healthcare associated expenses for COVID-19 recovered individuals of the Kathmandu valley
35 .Prevalence of Liver Injury and Its Associated Factor among COVID-19 Patients in Tertiary Hospitals of Kathmandu, Nepal: A Cross-sectional Study
36 .Association between Interleukin-6 polymorphism and severity of COVID-19 patients in Nepal
37 .Perception of online teaching during COVID 19 pandemic among medical students of Nepal
38 .Tobacco quit intentions and quit attempts among smokers in response to Covid-19 pandemic in Province 1 of Nepal
39 .Assessment of Use and Disposal of Face Masks by the Public of Kathmandu Valley During COVID-19 Pandemic
41 .Delivering access to medical abortion: using RMNCH guidelines to provide safe abortion services to women and girls from Syangja, Tehrathum, Illam and Myagdi during COVID-19 pandemic
42 .A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, phase III Proof-of-Concept Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Efficacy of Ketotifen and Indomethacin for COVID-19
43 .COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness and variants in Nepal: Test-Negative Case-Control Study and Genetic Sequencing
44 .Correlation of High-Resolution Computed Tomography Lung findings in COVID-19 infection with clinical findings in Nepal
45 .Psychosocial status of adolescents during COVID-19 Pandemic on 2021 in Nepal
46 .Quality of Life and Sleeping Problems among the COVID-19 infected Postmenopausal Women in Nepal
47 .Anxiety, depression and stress among doctors and nurses of Nepal post COVID-19 vaccination: A cross sectional study
49 .Perception of Nursing Students towards Virtual Learning during COVID-19 Pandemic at B and B Medical Insitute,Gwarko,Lalitpur: An Empirical Study
50 .Radiological Profile of COVID-19 during Second Wave in Nepal Police Hospital: A Descriptive Cross-sectional Study
51 .Assessment of Biomedical Equipment in government designated COVID-19 hospitals in Kathmandu Valley.
52 .Efficacy of Vaccination in Reducing ICU Admission and Death due to COVID-19
53 .Knowledge and Practice on COVID-19 among Rural Schools ’ Teachers and Students of Dhankuta Districts
54 .Exploration of impacts of transition into federalism and COVID-19 on social accountability practices in the health sector in Nepal
55 .Perceived Impact of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) on Universities in Nepal: A mixed method study
56 .Youth led socio-economic rehabilitation and research project in COVID-19
57 .Diagnostic Accuracy of Artificial Intelligence Based Chest X-Ray for screening of Tuberculosis and COVID-19 through Dhulikhel hospital and Nobel Medical College and Hospital Private Limited in Nepal
58 .Acute Kidney Injury and it's impact in Patients Hospitalised with COVID 19 in Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital: A Hospital based Retrospective Study
59 .Exploring barriers to access and uptake of COVID-19 vaccines in Vietnam, Indonesia and Nepal to inform national vaccine strategies.
60 .Epidemiological pattern and factors associated with COVID-19 mortality among patients in Province-2, Nepal.
61 .Sleep quality of Nepalese Medical undergraduate students during the COVID 19 pandemic
62 .Lived Experience of Health Professional and supportive staffs working During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Nepal
64 .The evaluation of Nitric Oxide generating lozenges on outcome in newly diagnosed COVID-19 patient in Nepal
65 .A study of depression, anxiety and wellbeing status of Doctors working during COVID-19 Pandemic in Nepal: An online survey
67 .WHO solidarity trial Plus: An international randomised trial of additional treatments for COVID-19 in hospitalised patients who are all receiving the local standard of care in Nepal
68 .Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Regarding COVID-19 and obstacles faced by health care workers at provincial hospital, Madan Bhandari Academy Of Health Sciences
69 .Patient’s satisfaction and its’ contributing factors at isolation centers during the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic in Kathmandu.
70 .COVID-19 deaths audit: A retrospective study in a hilly district of Nepal
71 .Morbidity and mortality related to COVID-19 among HIV infected individuals in selected ART sites of Kathmandu valley
72 .Community-based Mass Antigen Testing for COVID-19 in Resunga municipality of Gulmi district: A Retrospective Study
73 .A parallel-group, Phase III, multi-stage, modified double-blind, multi-armed study to assess the efficacy, safety, and immunogenicity of two SARS-CoV-2 Adjuvanted Recombinant Protein Vaccines (monovalent and bivalent) for prevention against COVID-19
74 .High-Resolution Computed Tomography (HRCT) chest manifestations in COVID-19 infected patients with different sociodemographic factors.
75 .A retrospective study of clinical and epidemiological characteristics and associated outcomes of COVID-19 patients admitted in Corona Special Hospital Beljhundi of Lumbini province, Nepal
76 .Emotional Response and Coping Strategies of Nurses Working in COVID-19 Referral Hospitals of Morang District
77 .A global multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, phase III clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy, safety, and immunogenicity of recombinant COVID-19 vaccine (Sf9 cells), for the prevention of COVID-19 in adults aged 18 years and older
78 .Australasian COVID-19 Trial (ASCOT) Adaptive Platform Trial
80 .Retrospective review of COVID-19 patients admitted at HAMS Hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal
81 .Clinical Profile and Secondary Infections among admitted patients with COVID-19 infection at Dadeldhura hospital : A retrospective Analysis
82 .A review of telephone-based consultation service during COVID-19 Pandemic in Nepal
83 .Telemedicine Consultation Services during Second Wave of COVID-19 Pandemic in Nepal
84 .Impact of Covid-19 on patients requiring spine surgery: a tertiary level government trauma hospital experience
85 .Impact of moving to on-line learning during the COVID-19 pandemic among bachelor of midwifery students studying at Karnali Academy of Health Sciences .
86 .Vaccination Acceptance and Uptake (VAXUP): Using Behavioral Insights to understand demand for vaccinations in the time of COVID-19 in Nepal
87 .COVID- 19 Vaccine Acceptance and Its Associated Factors among Nepalese Adults
88 .EQUIP training in Problem Management Plus to Improve Non-Specialist Competencies for Responding to COVID-related Psychological Distress: A Randomized Controlled Trial
89 .Vaccine Hesitancy for COVID 19 in Kathmandu Valley and selected districts of Nepal
90 .Perception of Nepalese on COVID19 Vaccination
91 .Ocular manifestations in COVID-19 surviving case: hospital based study
92 .Status of COVID-19 infection in vaccinated and non-vaccinated population, re-infection and their recovery period visiting COVID-19 lab in Kirtipur
93 .Epidemiological Distribution of COVID-19 Patients in Home Isolation of Makwanpur District
94 .Assessing Health Complications of COVID-19 Recovered People Visiting Selected Hospitals of Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
95 .Impact of COVID-19 on access and use of sexual and reproductive health services among adolescents in Sindhupalchowk district in Nepal : A qualitative study
97 .A retrospective analysis on the effectiveness of tocilizumab use for COVID-19 pneumonia
98 .Psychological Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic among Cancer Patients in Kathmandu Valley: An Analysis from Population Based Cancer Registry
99 .Prevalence of dyspnea in COVID-19 patients seeking teleconsultation via few telemedicine services in Nepal
100 .Developmental Antecedents of Young people's Solidarity During the Covid-19 Pandemic
101 .Willingness to pay for COVID-19 Vaccines among Adults of Kathmandu
102 .Knowledge, Attitude and Perception towards COVID-19 Vaccine among Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Population in Nepal: A Cross-sectional Study
104 .Rheumatological Manifestations of Patients Admitted with COVID19 Infection in a Tertiary Care Setting: A Retrospective study
105 .Pulmonary Embolism at CT Pulmonary Angiography in patients with COVID-19 at tertiary care center, Nepal
106 .Patients’ Experience of Telemedicine in Pain Practice in Nepal during COVID-19 Pandemic.
107 .Wastewater-based Epidemiology of SARS-CoV-2 for Averting COVID-19 outbreaks in Nepal
108 .Covid-19 and spinal cord injury database (C-SCID) project
109 .Adverse effects of AZD1222 (Covishield) Vaccination for COVID-19 in Nepalese Population.
110 .Knowledge, Attitude and Reported Practice Regarding Donning and Doffing of Personal Protective Equipment among Frontline Healthcare Workers against COVID-19 in Nepal: A Cross-Sectional study.
111 .Evaluation of morbidity and mortality in COVID 19 patients under protocolized treatment in Medicity hospital,Nepal- A retrospective cross-sectional study
112 .Effectiveness of Ayurveda and Alternative medicine in COVID-19 management
113 .Work-Related Quality of Life, Anxiety and Insomnia during the Second Wave of COVID -19 among Health Care Providers Working in Selected Hospitals of Sudurpashchim Province
114 .Assessment of psychosocial impact due to COVID 19 among school students of Kathmandu Valley, 2021
115 .Anxiety among COVID-19 patients during their stay in Hospital isolation. A descriptive Cross Sectional study
116 .Infection status of COVID-19 among Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Population in Kathmandu Valley: Combination of Retrospective and Prospective Cohort Studies
117 .Prevalence of Burnout , Depression, Anxiety and Stress among Health Care Workers during COVID- 19 Pandemic: A Hospital Based Cross Sectional Study
118 .Obesity and Disease Severity among COVID-19 patients of Makwanpur District
119 .Study of Intergenic Variability of Cycle Threshold Values of the Three Genes of SARS-CoV-2 in RT-PCR-based Viral RNA Detection in Nasopharyngeal and Oropharyngeal Swab Samples of COVID-19 Patients
120 .Laparoscopic cholecystectomies during COVID-19 pandemic- Retrospective analysis from tertiary care referral centre
121 .Antibiotics Prescribing Patterns to COVID-19 Patients in Makawanpur District, Nepal
122 .Occurrence and Severity of COVID-19 among vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals in Nepal: A retrospective cohort study
123 .Adverse Effects following the first dose of Immunization of COVID-19 Vaccine (COVISHIELD) in Lumbini Provincial Hospital of Nepal
124 .Qualitative study to document operational challenges, opportunities, and values of conducting Blanket Supplementary Feeding Programme (BSFP) in the context of COVID-19 in Province -2 of Nepal
125 .Anti-Coronavirus Therapies (ACT) to prevent progression of COVID-19: Randomized trials
126 .Anxiety Related to Clinical Exposure during COVID-19 Pandemics among Nursing Students of Kathmandu Valley
127 .Trends of Maternal and Newborn Health Services Provided before and during COVID-19 Pandemic at a Tertiary Level Hospital, Lumbini Province
128 .Post-vaccination side effects after first dose of COVID -19 vaccine among Nepalese population: A Cross-sectional Study
129 .Living with Spinal Cord Injury During COVID-19 Pandemic: A Qualitative Study of Challenges and Coping Strategies
130 .Perceptions and Psychological Impact of COVID-19 on Health Professionals: A Cross-sectional Study
132 .Determination of sero-prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 antibody among immunized individuals with covid-19 vaccine in a tertiary center, Kathmandu
133 .Self and Family care Knowledge and Practice during COVID-19 in Bagmati Province, Nepal
134 .The Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on directly observed treatment short course (DOTS) program for tuberculosis in Nepal
135 .COVID-19 Post-vaccination Safety and Efficacy Surveillance in Nepal
137 .The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the lives of people with disabilities in Gorkha district in Nepal: a participatory study
138 .Chest CT Scan findings in symptomatic patients infected with COVID-19 in a medical specialty center, Nepal.
139 .A survey on factors associated with COVID-19 deaths in Nepal
140 .Determination of serum antibody level of COVID-19 positive in Udaypur, Sunsari, Morang and Jhapa district of Province-1
141 .Research Proposal on Surveying the Asian and African Research Ethics Committee Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic
142 .Depression, anxiety and stress among pregnant women during covid-19 at pokhara valley ." Grant 2077/2078"
143 .Factors associated with COVID-19 and Long COVID incidence, and impact of Long COVID among adult women in Kathmandu, Nepal.
144 .Impact of COVID 19 Pandemic on Psychological Health and Well Being of Health Care Workers working in Intensive care in Nepal
145 .Pneumomediastinum in COVID-19 patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome at a tertiary care hospital in Nepal
146 .Providing women’s sexual and reproductive health care services in a pandemic: the impact of COVID
147 .Clinical mortality review of COVID-19 deaths admitted from January 2020 to January 2021 in Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital: a retrospective study
148 .Association of COVID-19 with Anosmia and Dysgeusia
149 ."Grant 2077/78" Study of co-infection of malaria and dengue with COVID-19
150 .Adverse effects following the first dose of Covid vaccine among health care workers in selected districts of Nepal
151 .Psychological problems related to the COVID‐19 pandemic and possible prevention/coping with active music therapy.
152 .Experiences, Health Impact and Care Practices of COVID-19 Infected Nurses in the Hospitals of Kathmandu Valley, Nepal.
153 .Grant 2077/78: Household Food Security and Nutrient Adequacy amidst COVID-19 Pandemic in Nepal
154 .Pulmonary Function and Immune Response among COVID-19 Survivors
155 .Grant 2077/78: Perceived Social support and compliance with stay at-home orders during the COVID-19 Pandemic
156 .Satisfaction and Associated Side Effects of Commercially Available Hand Sanitizer During the time of COVID-19 Pandemic Among Health Professional of Kathmandu Nepal (Grant 2077/78)
157 .Epidemiological and clinical characteristics of deceased patients with COVID 19 in Chitwan and Pokhara - A multicentric study "Grant 2077/78"
158 .Knowledge, Attitude and Practice towards covid-19 among pregnant women in a tertiary hospital in Pokhara, Nepal
159 .Mental Health Problems and Discrimination Faced by COVID-19 Survivors in Province 1 of Nepal: A Mixed-Method Study Grant 2077/78
160 .Covid-19 vaccine and adverse events following immunization in western hilly region of Nepal.
161 .Psychosocial impact of COVID 19 among elderly people from Morang and Sunsari district of Nepal: A cross-sectional Study [Grant 2077/78]
162 .Spectrum of Adverse Event Following COVID-19 Immunization in High altitude, Humla District, Nepal
163 ."Grant 2077/78": Prevalence of high screen time and its correlates among 3 to 10 years school going children during the COVID-19 pandemic in Bhaktapur District
164 .Quality of Life During COVID-19 Pandemic in Nepal: An Online Quantitative Study
165 .Grant 2077/78 "Perception of Transmission of COVID-19 among Nurses at Tertiary hospital of Nepal: a Mixed Methodology study"
166 .Grant 2077/78: Depression, Anxiety and Stress among Nurses Providing Care to the COVID 19 Patients in Province 1
167 .Survey on COVID-19 and Gender Measures to Build the Evidence of Need and Response for Women and Girls in Nepal
168 .Persistent symptoms in post COVID-19 patients attending follow up OPD in Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal
169 .To improve access to quality of HIV treatment services for PLHIV in the context of COVID-19, with an ultimate goal of yielding better health outcomes in Kathmandu, Nepal
170 .Knowledge and Practice Regarding COVID-19 Pandemics among Nursing Students of Kathmandu Valley
171 .Impact of Tele-medicine Program for Home-isolation support among COVID-19 patients
172 .Experiences and expectations of COVID-19 patients on hospital services in an infectious disease hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal: a retrospective qualitative study
173 .Adverse events following the COVID-19 Vaccination reported in Nepal and experiences of the vaccination: A retro-prospective study
174 .Impact of COVID-19 pandemic in and during Disaster in Nepal
175 .A study on adverse reactions following covid-19 vaccination at a Tertiary Center, Kathmandu
176 .Antibody Titer Estimation Following COVID-19 vaccine (COVISHEILDTM) Among Frontline Workers in a Tertiary Care Center in Nepal.
177 .Public awareness and attitude regarding COVID-19 vaccine : A national level population survey
178 .Knowledge, attitude, practice (KAP) and preparedness study on COVID-19 among general population in Nepal and an influence on resilience
179 .COVID-19 and its association with Smoking and Alcohol consumption: A Case of Nepal
180 .Appraisal on Family Planning Commodities Management due to COVID-19 Crisis in Gandaki Province
181 .Knowledge, Attitude and Practice on COVID in Secondary Level Students in a School in the Capital City of Nepal
182 .An appraisal on COVID-19 Pandemic and Optimal Containment Measures in Nepal: Socio-economic Implications and Impact on Maternal and Child Health
183 .Willingness to Pay for Potential vaccine against COVID-19 and its associated factors in Nepal
184 .Cross-sectional and longitudinal studies of symptoms over time in COVID-19 adult patients in Kathmandu, Nepal.
185 .Status and kinetics of COVID-19 antibody in COVID-19 infected individuals visiting National Public Health Laboratory
186 .Study to Investigate the Clinical Efficacy of Isoquercetin in Patients with COVID-19
187 .Investigating the correlation between viral load, seroconversion and severity outcome in COVID-19 patients in Nepal
189 .Perceived stress, stigma, and social support among Nepalese healthcare workers during COVID-19 pandemic.
190 .The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Tuberculosis Service Delivery in Nepal
191 .Follow up Assessment of Visceral Leishmaniasis (VL) Treated Patients and Assessment of Impact of COVID-19 in VL Control Services in Nepal
192 .National Survey on the Impact of COVID-19 on Adolescent girls and young women
193 .A Cross-Sectional Study on Assessment of Perception and Experience of Confirmed COVID-19 Returnee from Isolation in Karnali Province
194 .Determination of fluoroquinolone inhibitory concentration and fluoroquinolone-resistant genes amongst fluoroquinolone-resistant biofilm producing and biofilm non-producing bacteria isolated from COVID-19 patients
195 .Awake prone positioning in COVID positive patients: Is it really a boon to low resource healthcare setting?; A single centre retrospective study.
196 .Acceptance of COVID-19 Vaccine among health care workers in four major hospitals of Eastern Nepal; a descriptive cross-sectional study
197 .D- Dimer as a Biomarker for Assessment of Disease Prognosis: D- Dimer levels on admission and its role in predicting the disease outcome in Hospitalised Patients with COVID-19.
198 .Bacterial co-infections and secondary bacterial infection in COVID-19 hospitalized patients with evaluation of antimicrobial resistance patterns in the clinical isolates
199 .Prevalence of loss of smell and loss of taste in COVID-19 patients in Nepal(Cross-Sectional Study)
200 .The Relationship between Self- Compassion and Loneliness among Nepalese Adolescents during COVID-19 Pandemic
201 .Knowledge, practice, perception of COVID-19 and changes in psychological status among the Nepalese medical laboratory staffs after a year of outbreak: An online-based cross-sectional study
202 .Home isolation practices among the COVID-19 infected people from Province 1
203 .Stress and Coping Behaviour among Nursing students in selected Colleges regarding the clinical exposure during COVID -19
204 .Double-Blind, Randomized, Controlled, Phase 3 Study to Evaluate the Efficacy, Immunogenicity, and Safety of AS03-Adjuvanted Recombinant SARS-CoV-2 Trimeric S-protein Subunit Vaccine (SCB-2019) for the Prevention of SARS-CoV-2-mediated COVID-19
205 .Impact of COVID-19-related disruptions on household economy, food security and vulnerability contracting COVID-19 in Western Chitwan Valley in Nepal
206 .Psychological impact of COVID-19 among young adults (18-35 years) of Nepal
207 .Impact of COVID 19 on the prices of health services in Nepal
208 .Assessing the Prevalence of COVID-19 in Hot Spots of Kathmandu Using Rapid Antigen Detection Test Kit
209 .Knowledge, Attitude and Practice towards COVID-19 Among Undergraduate Students in Nepal
210 .Professional Quality of Life and Perceived Social Support Among Working Nurses in Hospitals of Kathmandu Valley During Covid-19
211 .Randomised Evaluation of Covid-19 Therapy (RECOVERY) Trial
212 .Role of Blood Type and Linked to Covid 19 Severity in Nepalese Population: A Descriptive Cross-sectional Study
213 .Seroprevalance of anti-SARS-CoV2 IgG antibodies among the covid-19 positive population of Kathmandu valley
214 .Investigation of the Impact of COVID-19 on Migrants and their Families in Western Chitwan Nepal 2020
215 .Understanding mental health issues and estimating learning loss to strategize learning recovery during and post-COVID
216 .The rapid assessment of preparedness and public health responses for COVID-19 at Ground Crossing Points of Nepal
217 .Persistent symptoms in non critical COVID 19 patients during two months follow up visit; a retrospective study done in District Hospital Nepal.
218 .Perceived Social Support, Coping Mechanism, Depression, Anxiety and Stress Among School Adolescents during COVID 19 in Kathmandu, Nepal
219 .Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on routine health information reporting system of Nepal
220 .Impact of COVID 19 on the mental health of University students in Nepal: The moderating effects of personality factors, coping strategies and remote learning
221 .Remdesivir and Convalescent Plasma Therapy for treatment of COVID-19 in Nepal : A Registry Study
222 .Mental wellbeing of health care workers working in Nepal and their effectiveness to cope with stress amid COVID-19 pandemic
224 .Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of COVID-19 among radiographers in Nepal
225 .Hematological and Biochemical Parameters along with IgG Antibody against SARS-CoV-2 in patients visiting Samyak Diagnostic laboratory for recovery check up after COVID-19 in Nepal
226 .GlobalSurg-CovidSurg Week: Determining the optimal timing for surgery following SARS-CoV-2 infection
227 .Anxiety and Depression among COVID positive health care workers in Nepal
228 .Clinical and Epidemiological profile of COVID 19 Patients at Bheri Hospital Nepalgunj a Tertiary Center in Mid Western Nepal:A Retrospective Observational Study
229 .Epidemiology and Clinical spectrum and treatment outcome of COVID-19 patients in Nepal APF Hospital Balambu Kathmandu
230 .Assessment of Radio-logical resolution of lung in discharged patients with Severe Covid-19
231 .'Rapid Assessment of COVID-19 Impact on Family Planning Access and Use'
232 .“Rapid Auditing of epidemiological data of COVID-19 in Nepal “
233 .Stigma and mental health associated with COVID 19 in Nepal: A mixed method study among SARS COV2 positive patients and health care workers
234 .An online survey to assess the psychological Impact Of Covid-19 On Eye Care Practitioners With Respect To Practice And Finance.
235 .Epidemiology and transmission dynamics of COVID-19: A Prospective Cohort Study among COVID -19 Confirmed Cases in Chitwan, Nepal
236 .Rapid Assessment of COVID-19 Related Policy Audit in Nepal
237 .“Understanding health system resilience to respond COVID-19 situation in federalized context: a case study from two municipalities of Province 5"
238 .A cross sectional study about infection control measures in community pharmacies of Kathmandu valley during COVID-19 outbreak
239 .Knowledge, Attitude and Practice regarding COVID-19 among Nepalese population 18 years and above: An Online Cross-sectional Study
240 .Efficacy of Favipiravir in treatment of mild & moderate COVID-19infection in Nepal: a multi-center, randomized, open-labelled, phase III clinical trial
241 .Knowledge, attitude and practice among Endodontist of Nepal for patient management in Covid 19 arena.
242 .Organizational, Social and Family Support Among Healthcare Professionals During COVID-19 Pandemic in selected district of Nepal
243 .Exploring Fear, Stigma and Othering Practices: The Impact of COVID-19 Rumours among the Returnee Migrants and Muslim: A Qualitative Study in Kapilbastu and Banke districts of Nepal
244 .The gendered experience and roles of close-to-community providers in Fragile and Shock Prone settings: Implications for policy and practice during and post COVID-19
245 .Rapid assessment of COVID-19 testing laboratories in Nepal
246 .Mental health status of COVID-19 positive cases and its associated risk factors in Nepal
247 .Critical Analysis of Health Care System in Nepal; Perspectives based on COVID-19.
248 .Association between job type and mental health outcomes among municipal level government employees responding COVID-19 in Nepal
249 .COVID-19 co-infection amongTB patients in Nepal
250 .Risk Perceptions and Protective Behaviour related to COVID-19 among Adult Population during Pandemic Situation in Nepal: A Mixed Method Study
251 .Development of a novel, cheaper, rapid and portable COVID-19 toolbox “CLAMP” for non-invasive self-administered mass screening of humans: Hitting two birds with one stone
252 .Characteristics and Outcomes of Children With Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
253 .A Cross-sectional Study on Challenges Faced and Strategies Adopted in Responding to Coronavirus Disease (COVID 19) by Hospital Administrators in Kaski district
254 .Mental Health Status Among Health Workers of Nepal During Covid-19 Pandemic: A cross-sectional online survey.
255 .Knowledge, attitude and practice on use of Jesthavasadi, Guduchi and Yasthimadhu Churna among people attending Central Ayurvedic Hospital, Naradevi, Kathmandu, Nepal during COVID-19 pandemic
257 .Availability of Essential Medicines and Drugs for treatment of chronic disease in the pharmacies of Nepal during COVID 19 Pandemic
258 .Understanding the knowledge and compliance of SMS (Social distancing, use of mask and use of Sanitizer or soap) Measures against Covid-19 in Nepalese people of Province No. 2
259 .Developing a Nepal Pediatric and Neonatal COVID-19 Registry [NEPCOR]
260 .Mapping the indirect effects of a health crisis: health system performance for core services during covid-19
261 .Psychological states and its related factors among the frontline health workers during the outbreak of corona disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Nepal.
263 .Food insecurity and nutritional status among pregnant women in Kailali district during COVID pandemic
265 .Measles outbreak in a migrant laborer population in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic: Kathmandu, Nepal, 2020
266 .Evaluation of the World Health Organization’s remotely delivered Foundational Helping Skills training for non-specialist naive in Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Services during COVID-19 in Kathmandu, Nepal
267 .Epidemiological Risk factors associated with COVID-19 cases at Isolation hospital in Nawalpur
268 .Perceived stress and social support among visually impaired population in Nepal during Covid 19 outbreak.
269 .Role of frontline health workers in COVID-19 as positive deviants: a qualitative study
270 .Evaluation of COVID -19 Trace and Test Capacity Building in Selected Provinces of Nepal - An Implementation Study
272 .Sero-Epidemiology of COVID-19 in the Kathmandu Valley (SEVID-KaV)
273 .Change in clinical practice and routine life amongst Nepalese ENT surgeons during COVID19 Pandemic
274 .Fear and Preventive Measures Practice of COVID-19 among Bachelor of Nursing Students of Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
275 .Stress and coping strategies among college and university level students of Nepal during COVID-19 pandemic
276 .To Determine the Profile of COVID-19 and Its Effects on the Health and Well-Being of People Living In Kaski, Shyangja and Tanahun Districts of Nepal: A Cross Sectional Study.
277 .Effect of COVID 19 Pandemic and Lockdown on Caesarean Delivery in Provincial Hospital Janakpurdham..
278 .Herbal medicines use among pregnant women during COVID-19 pandemic in Nepal: A Cross-sectional Study in Bharatpur Hospital
279 .Effect of COVID19 pandemic and lockdown on provision and utilization of essential sexual reproductive maternal neonatal child and adolescent health and nutrition services in Nepal
280 .Review and analysis of current responses to COVID-19 in Nepal
281 .Assessment of Post-Recovery Impact on Patients with COVID-19 in Nepal
282 .Compliance of SMS (Social distancing, use of mask and use of sanitizer or soap) measures against Covid-19 in Nepal
283 .Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on Medical Physicist’s work in Asia & Oceania Region.
284 .An Online Cross - sectional Study on Knowledge, Attitudes, Anxiety and Coping Strategies of Nursing Students on COVID-19 Pandemic in Selected Nursing Campuses
285 .Study of mental health impact of COVID 19 amongst adults in selected area of Nepal
286 .A Study on effect of COVID19 prevention measures on young people's Sexual and Reproductive Health at Province1, Bagmati Province and Karnali Province of Nepal
287 .An Online Cross sectional Study on Knowledge,Perceived Fear and Anxiety on COVID 19 among Community People in Gandaki Province
288 .Impact of COVID-19 outbreak on the Cranio-Maxillo-Facial (CMF) surgeon: an online survey
289 .Evaluation of knowledge, attitude and practice about novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) among dental practitioners of Nepal.
290 .An Observational Study on the Outcomes of Ayurveda Treatment in the Management of COVID-19 Cases in the Selected Centers of Nepal.
291 .Perception of Adolescents on Emotional Regulation as an Active Ingredient in Mental Health Prevention Programmes in the context of Covid-19, in Chitwan, Nepal
292 .Socio-economic impact and coping strategies to COVID-19 among dentists of Nepal
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425. Health Seeking Behavior