Effectiveness of Selected Yoga Practices among Hypertensive Patients



NPR 500, 000



The prevalence of chronic diseases is on rising in Nepal. Hypertension occurs as one of the risk factors for various chronic diseases for the treatment of which, people are using allopathic medicines. The practice of yoga and other complementary and ayurvedic medicines is also on the rise, traditionally and as a therapy. The proposed study attempts to find out if the practice of yoga can reduce the blood pressure in hypertensive patients. The study will be a community-based parallel-group randomized, controlled trial consisting of two groups of study participants. The first group will include hypertensive patients under medication whereas the other group consists of hypertensive patients under medication as well as yoga therapy.

To assess the effectiveness of selected regimen of yogic practices among hypertensive patients

The study will provide evidence on the effectiveness of the selected yoga practices. The findings of this study will be helpful to plan for further interventions considering the yoga practices that are popular in Nepal.