Enhancing capacity on evidence-based programming on health

Norwegian Agency for Exchange Cooperation (NOREC) project was for 3 years and has been completed. Application for the next round is under administrative process. Total 13 members were on exchange, 7 from the NHRC and 6 from CSF Global.

20 Oct 2017 to 31 Dec 2020

107000 USD

Nepal Health Research Council (NHRC), Nepal Child Sight Foundation Global, (CSF Global), Bangladesh

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The Norwegian Agency for Exchange Cooperation (Norec) is an executive body under the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The aim is to help achieve the overaching goals of Norwegian development policy,  which form part of Norway’s integrated approach to implementing the 2030 agenda. This is done through mutual exchange under similar thematic area of interest. This means that they work with international partners who want to use the exchange model to learn from each other and develop. Norec provides grants, follow-up and training to about 220 partners from various countries. In 2019, Norec facilitated the exchange of 615 participants between partner’s organization. They supported 90 projects in 25 different countries and partners with a total of 228 organizations. Partners consist of organizations, institutions and private businesses in Norway, Africa, Asia and Latin America. They all work together to solve global problems, based on local needs and conditions.

NHRC, Nepal and CSF Global, Bangladesh had and agreement with the Norec for the employee exchange program. Participants in NHRC document the situation of people with special needs in Nepal and make this available for policy makers. This will aid its Ministry of Health in making policy plans evidence based with regards to disabilities and right. For CSF, they will work on research and health ethics. The organization will also work on making screening services for diabetes and hypertension available for disabled citizens. Although, after exchange participants enhance the capacity development and engaged in different health research. Along with partner’s staff benefited with project management and appreciative inquiry.

The exchange project is envisioned to develop a collective capacity of partners in generating evidence in key health issues such as disability and non-communicable diseases through exchange of employees between the partners countries.

The exchange of participants from partner and host country, for one year with two participants from each round. All partners and participants received training and follow-up support before, during and after the exchange. Participants after exchange, increase the motivation to be change maker and encourage reflection. Thus ensuring that everyone involved learns about exchange cooperation and can put it into a global context.

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