FK Norway Exchange Program between the Nepal Health Research Council (NHRC) and the Child Sight Foundation (CSF) Bangladesh


2017/18 (Round I)

USD 300, 000

FK Norway, CSF Bangladesh


FK Norway is the Norwegian Government exchange program to support exchange of employees between organizations in Norway, Asia and Africa. An FK Norway exchange takes place through the mutual exchange of employees or members between organizations or businesses based in different countries for a 3-12 months period. NHRC and CSF Bangladesh had an agreement with the FK Norway on August 2017 for the employee exchange program.

The specific purpose of the project is on health and wellbeing of people living with disabilities through exchange of employees between the partner countries. The project aims to generate evidence in the area of non communicable diseases and health services delivery for people living with disabilities through research and knowledge management. The project also aims to promote the utility of evidence generate in these areas to support policy making in the partner countries.

The first round of exchange program is being executed from October 2017. Participant from CSF are  working with NHRC on the areas of disability issues. This will help NHRC to become acquainted with research methods in disability issues which in turn will help NHRC to carry out community based research in disability and health issue. Similarly, participants from CSF are working on synthesizing evidence on health and disability useful for policymakers of all two countries. Participants from NHRC are supporting the CSF to develop its capacity on ethical conduct of research as well as chronic disease research. This will help CSF to improve access to screening services for diabetes and hypertension. NHRC participant are also working on evidence summaries on chronic diseases useful for policymakers of all two countries.