Population Based Cancer Registry in Rukum District.

With the aim of identifying incidence, pattern and mortality of cancer cases in Nepal, Population Based Cancer Registry has been initiated from January 1, 2018 at Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur districts. Now, expanding the scope and study area of the program, the program is expanding its reach to each geographical regions as well as urban rural distribution of the country. It has selected Siraha, Saptari and Mahottari Districts as representative of urban and semi urban and Terai region, and Rukum District as representative for rural area and Hilly region. PBCR has been initiated and undergoing in these districts as well. Co-ordinate with the local Health institution, local Government bodies and personnel, community level people as well as other supporting stakeholders was done and data is being collected. Besides data enumerators are mobilized in the community to collect cancer cases and cancer mortality.

2018 onward


Population Based Cancer Registry is organized in collaboration with Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP), Government of Nepal.

Rukum District

Population Based Cancer Registry (PBCR) is the core component for cancer control strategy. Very limited numbers of studies have been done in cancer in Nepal. Although Hospital based registry have generated some basic cancer data, they did not provide the general idea of any geographically defined population as well as did not give national figure. Population based cancer registry gives an accurate picture of cancer burden. Evidence on cancer incidence as well as cancer related mortality from the population based cancer registries would be important to produce a closer burden of disease (BoD) estimates for Nepal. BoD estimates currently are produced by WHO and IHME at a regular basis for countries across the globe but in many instances they are based on information from neighboring countries in the region. One of the major lacking data sources of Nepal to estimate the burden of disease is information on cancer incidences as well as Information on cancer deaths which is a major priority tasks for Nepal so as to produce a better estimate of BoD for Nepal. Cancer being the fifth leading cause of death in Nepal accordingly poses a high priority for initiating population based cancer registry.

The aim of the project to initiate and establish PBCR in Rukum district so as to provide information on incidence of cancer, patterns, trends and mortality of cancer in this district.

The registry will generate evidence on the incidence on various types of cancer, patterns and trends of disease and mortality related to cancer. In addition this project will help to refine BoD estimates with the use of the local data in this district. The evidences generated from the project will help to plan and implement various cancer control programs at the district level. Furthermore, this project will be a good initiative to present the importance of Population based Cancer Registry   and its need of establishment throughout the country.