Population based screening of Sickle Cell disorder in Tharu community of Bardiya district, Nepal (Updated on June 21, 2018)

[Active] 6000 sample collection has been completed.


NPR 12.5 Million

Ministry of Health and Population, National Academy of Health Sciences and National Public Health Laboratory


Sickle cell anemia is documented to be prevelant in Tarai belt of Nepal specially among Tharu community. Despite some level of progress in the Sickle cell projections, there is no yet documented record   available to demonstrate the exact number of people in Nepal affected by Sickle cell anemia, trait or disease. In this context, this study aims to describe the associated clinical symptoms and identify the prevalence of Sickle cell disorder among people of 1-29 years age group.

To determine the prevalence of sickle cell disorder and develop strategy to prevent its further inheritance.


  • Prevalence of sickle cell disease in Tharu community of Bardiya district.
  • Evidence will be the issues of concerned authorities and the government will focus its complication management and prevention on further inheritance of disease.