Prevalence Study of Selected Chronic Diseases (Chronic Kidney Disease, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Diabetes Mellitus, Coronary Artery Disease) in Nepal (Updated on July 02, 2018)

[Active] Data collection has been completed and report preparation is on progress


NPR 72 Million


72 Districts

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) pose a substantial economic burden, and this burden will evolve into a huge one shortly. There is the absence of routine surveillance and national registry for these NCDs in Nepal to have a clear national picture of burden and trends of these NCDs. Since 2010, Government of Nepal (GoN) has been funding a certain amount for the impoverished people in Nepal with chronic diseases, but there is a serious gap in the information on the extent of the burden of these diseases. So, this national prevalence study has been coined to get the real picture of NCDs in Nepal.

The primary purpose of this project is to determine the community prevalence of selected NCDs (CKD, CAD, Diabetes and COPD) and assess the factors associated with these NCDs in Nepal.

National prevalence of selected chronic diseases will be determined. This data source will be one of the important data points to be fed so as to produce National Burden of Disease (BoD) estimates for Nepal. Furthermore, the available evidence might be reinforced for discussion of these issues in national meetings, the inclusion of these NCDs as national indicators and program planning for prevention of these NCDs; leading to decrease in the occurrence of these diseases and eventually reducing the escalating fund invested in the treatment of these diseases.