Setting Research Priorities for Health Sector in Nepal



NPR 1.96 Million



NHRC has been involved in updating national priorities for health research in Nepal at different periods. The last priority setting process was completed in 2013 with technical support from the World Health Organization. Research priorities identified in the past seems less relevant in the present context as Nepal has adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in its national planning process. Without the revised national priorities for health research, it is hard to guide the health research expenditure and promote evidence-based decision making in health system.

he aim of the priority setting process is to identify stakeholders’ priorities for health research in Nepal through a systematic and transparent process. The multi-step process will focus on consultation with stakeholders at different levels using both quantitative and qualitative methods, and stewardship by a small working group.

The priority setting exercise will update the national health research priority. The updated research priority will guide the NHRC to determine its strategic plan for the next three years. The updated priority will also guide the research community to focus their resources in the related research areas of national importance.